Advanced Usage

CalTRACK method options

TODO. For now, see CalTRACK for full set of options.

CalTRACK Data Sufficiency Criteria

Compute data sufficiency (eemeter.caltrack_sufficiency_criteria):

>>> data_sufficiency = eemeter.caltrack_sufficiency_criteria(data)

About the CalTRACK methods

The eemeter library is the reference implementation of the CalTRACK methods, but it is not the CalTRACK methods. CalTRACK refers to the methods themselves, for which the documentation is not kept in this repository. The most current information about methods and proposed changes can be found on github.

How the models work

We’re planning a deeper dive on the methods here, but for now, see, dig into the CalTRACK (try viewing the source link), or try visualizing some the models built with the sample data.

For developers


We highly encourage contributing to eemeter. To contribute, please create an issue or a pull request.

Dev installation

We use docker for development. To get started with docker, see docker installation.

Fork and clone a local copy of the repository:

$ git clone eemeter
$ cd eemeter
$ git remote add upstream git://

Then try one of the following:

Open a jupyter notebook:

$ docker-compose up jupyter

Build a local version of the docs:

$ docker-compose up docs

Run the tests:

$ docker-compose run --rm test

Open up a shell:

$ docker-compose up shell

Command-line Usage

Once installed, eemeter can be run from the command-line. To see all available commands, run eemeter --help.

Use CalTRACK methods on sample data:

$ eemeter caltrack --sample=il-electricity-cdd-hdd-daily

Save output:

$ eemeter caltrack --sample=il-electricity-cdd-only-billing_monthly --output-file=/path/to/output.json

Load custom data (see eemeter.meter_data_from_csv and eemeter.temperature_data_from_csv for formatting):

$ eemeter caltrack --meter-file=/path/to/meter/data.csv --temperature-file=/path/to/temperature/data.csv

Do not fit CDD-based candidate models (intended for gas data):

$ eemeter caltrack --sample=il-gas-hdd-only-billing_bimonthly --no-fit-cdd